YOSMO Spa Make up Organizer


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It seems like a simple box but the YOSMO Spa Makeup and Skincare Organizer is very popular for organizing all sort of skincare. Because of the versatile color it can be used in any place around the home or salon.

The YOSMO spa has the advantage that you can store many bottles, shower accessories or bath bombs. Due to the perfect height, the bottles stand extra sturdy and you can easily stack your bath bombs in a nice tower.

Easy organizing in a durable box.

The YOSMO Makeup Organizer is a small investment that you will enjoy for a long time. Handmade from high quality material, very strong but as clear as glass.

* Cosmetics not included

? Height 12 cm, Width 20 cm, Depth 15 cm
? Weight of 2.0 kg
? Eco-friendly material
? Ideal for bath bombs, skincare, long bottles
? Sturdy high walls
? Exclusively made from high quality cast acrylic which will not discolor over time

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Weight 202.00 kg


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